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About Ten years ago, I decided I had enough of Chemicals such as DEET!!! This was the big one that got me started on an all natural outdoor protection. I started researching oganic essential oils that repel ticks & insects and developed the product we still use today.


I now offer my all natural outdoor protection to you.


​It is safe for children , even newborns, safe for pets, now they also can enjoy the outside chemical free. A small amount of my organic outdoor protection goes a long way. Laurie's all natural outdoor protection can be used several different ways.


Put a small amount of Laurie's All Natural Outdoor Protection into a oil burner and whether or not you light the wick,

you will be tick and insect free.


Use your imagination! You'll fall in love with Laurie's all natural outdoor protection.

Laurie's All Natural Products offer a full line of outdoor products and bath/beauty and spa products

ALL PRODUCTS ARE SAFE FOR CHILDREN, PETS, HORSES & FARM ANIMALS!!!                                                                            ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, WILDLIFE SAFE AND ALCOHOL FREE

Owned and Operated in Vermont

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